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2008-04-23 16:52:33 by SORL

Well, I have finally decided upon a story for a game I am making. Now, I need to make that story.

Also, I am looking for music appropriate to my game, SO:
If I am perusing around and find a song you made that I like, I will inform you about it. In the meantime:

Feel free to send me your music. I am looking for ambient music, background music, menu music, action music, romantic music, and most other sorts. The only thing it has to be about, is space, space travel, some violence and mystery, so the grenre I am looking for is Dark Electronica, DnB, Dramatic, etc.

Use you Imagination. I will try my best to keep up with your work. Simply send me a PM with a link to your best downloadable version of the song/music. IF I LIKE it, I WILL fit it into the game, you will get REAL acknowledgment, and you SHALL be paid for your work (If indeed your song(s) are used)!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen, START YOUR SYNTH'-STRUMENTS!!!

Best of luck,

1st post, great news throughout, and an offer!

2008-02-21 01:13:53 by SORL

Alright, so, learned a little code today, that makes me glad. Alos, found out that James Lee has no proposed to Hania!!! W00t, Way to go, and congrats Hania, Newgrounds Princess!!! Have a great one!
Also, she is going to Hollywood, to see four agents! Good luck, I hope you get one soon Hania, you deserve it!

making my own website as well, it is not much of anything at all yet, BUT, if you know any code, and your willing to help me out with it, I will acknowledge you, and I will be very er, happy and appreciative!! I'll post ya for free, too! Website is:
<a> 2/<a>

Making two Manga now, one is Reign, the other Ansi. Stay tuned for details...